Strip: First time underarm waxing

Hey Beautiful !!

Today, I would like to share my experience with Strip in Lot 10. Last month Wonderbox included Strip voucher for Underarm waxing worth RM32.50 and 50% discount on their other services. I’ve decided to try, and it was my first time waxing my underarms.

I have heard great things about Strip, since my friend goes there for her Brazilian waxing, but I am always scared to try it out.

They have trained their staff, so they are experts in waxing. In terms of cleanliness, they use latex glove and there is no double-dipping.

When I arrived strips LOT 10, I saw this big chimpanzee soft toy outside sitting on the bench (so cute, that I hugged it). Their shop looks like your on a holiday on a beach, I guess it suppose to relax you. The way they designed their outlet it’s pretty nice (you can see pictures below).

Since they have 50% discount on their services, I decided to do Brazilian waxing. However, after the consultation, they told me that I should do underarm first, because I have sensitive skin, therefore they didn’t dare to wax me huhu..I had to sign some papers that they will not be responsible if I get allergies from waxing.



Below is the pricelist for some of their services.
price list

My Overal Experience:

They wiped off my underarms first to disinfect. They used chocolate wild berry hard wax (hard wax suppose to feel less painful), and it smelled so good that I wanted to eat it. The wax was warm when they applied it on my skin, and when it started to harden up they waxed my underarms, which amazingly didn’t hurt at all. Some small hair were still left, so they used a tweezer to clean up the rest.

When it was done, they told me not to take hot showers, or use deodorant for 24 hours. They told me, if my skin doesn’t react to the wax I can come back for the Brazilian, haha..

In terms of price, it’s a bit too steep for some people, but I guess it’s because they let the professional wax you.

When I went home, I obviously checked out my underarms whether they waxed everything properly. To my surprise, I still could see my hair in some parts of my underarms, it looks like that my hair has been cut off instead of waxed.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind waxing my underarms again, and perhaps do the Brazilian next time.

So have you been to strips before ? If you did, tell me your experience..


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