Kinohimitsu: Beauty & The Bliss

Hey Beautiful !!

Today I’m going to blog about Kinohimitsu J’Pan Beauty drink. First of all, I would like thank The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu, for giving me the opportunity to attend the event.

The event was held in the Boulevard hotel on the 22nd of May 2013.


Kinohimitsu is the No. 1 Functional Drink in Malaysia & Singapore. Kinohimitsu is under Kino Biotech. In Japenese Kino means plants and Himitsu means secret., “Secrets of Plants” . It’s a Singaporean based company, R&D is in Japan and manufacturing was in Japan before, but initially moved to Taiwan. Kinohimitsu, has won awards in Las Vegas and London (Best targeted health drink).


We were greeted by their friendly reception, we had to register ourselves before we attend the event.


After the registration, we had to try two (2) different collagen drink and tick which one we liked, the pink tag or the yellow tag. I personally liked the pink tagged one (the orangy looking drink above in the picture). Apparently, they were testing the market and in the end of the event they announced that majority chose the pink tagged one, which is from Kinohimitsu brand.


When headed to our table, I saw my seat personalized with my name tag, mug and Kinohimitsu Collagen drink. I love the fact that our table had blueberries for snacks, it’s good for anti-oxidant, so I snacked all the way, hahaha..

kinohimitsu range

These products were displayed during the event:

  1. Kinohimitsu J’Pan Beauty Drink
  2. Kinohimitsu J’Pan Stem Cell
  3. Kinohimitsu J’Pan D’Tox Juice & Tea
  4. Kinohimitsu J’Pan Collagen Diamond
  5. Kinohimitsu J’Pan Collagen Men

What is Collagen ?

Collagen is like a spring in a mattress that determines the skin’s firmness  and suppleness. In between the spring, it is the moisture content. When skin lacks of moisture, the skin starts to wrinkle, which cause saggy cheeks, droopy eyelids, flabby arms and so on.

Why should we drink Collagen ?

We need to drink collagen, because our body starts to lose collagen from the age of 20 years old and loses its peak on the age of 25 years old. Loss of collagen can cause our body to cripple and cause wrinkles on our body when we get older. Because it loses the firmness, dehydrates and our skin becomes non-elastic.

Collagen can plump up and hydrate skin. It also can help in cell renewal, while reducing and preventing the onset of wrinkles. Supplementing Collagen can prevent ageing, allowing our skin to look beautiful and young.

Why should we choose Kinohimitsu as our brand ?

The five (5) keypoints to CHOOSE the right Collagen:

  1. The right amount size
  2. Molecule size
  3. Source
  4. Formula & Technology
  5. Absorption Ability
  • Kinohimitsu use the best ingredients and technology. Their proprietary liquid formula supports high absorption, because of their advanced technology and renowned methods for healing.
  • Kinohimitsu provides the highest grade marine collagen (fish from France), extracted through advanced technology, the collagen is in high quality and purity , contains no fat and cholesterol.
  • Each Collagen peptide molecule is small and easily absorbed by the skin. It helps to boost Collagen synthesis at dermis layer effectively.
  • Kinohimitsu Collagen is 100%  natural and safe, no sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial coloring or flavouring. Hormones, steroids and chemical free tested by SGS (Global Benchmark Recognition on Quality and Integrity)
  • The Kinohimitsu Collagen drink is very tasty, as they use they most advanced technology, because technology does make a difference in the taste of the collagen.


With the other bloggers, we were the most noisiest table,  from left to right Carina, Alice, Angeline, Tanya and Me.


Ofcourse, I didn’t leave empty handed. They gave me Kinohimitsu J’Pan D’Tox Juice & J’Pan Beauty Drink to bring home and to try out.

At the end of the event, I received a certificate of participation from Kinohimitsu.

For more information on the Kinohimitsu Brand visit their Facebook Page and their official website.

9 thoughts on “Kinohimitsu: Beauty & The Bliss

  1. i am actually finding out about this product as i think it is quit popular…i m married n 26 years can i take it… will it effect my normal period cycle and side effect that will cause for pregnant…tq

    • Hi kavita,

      You definitely can take it, and no it wouldn’t affect your period. If your pregnant it still should be oke to consume because certain food still contains collagen. But I do advise not to take more than you suppose to in a day..

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