DIY organizer with WonderBox

Hey Beautiful !

Are you tired of your make-up being laying around everywhere? And you need to find an alternative way of organizing your Make-up ?

Well I’m going to show you how u can make your own DIY Make-up Organizer with your WonderBoxes. No expenses required and I used what I already have at home.

Since I have been subscribed to few beauty boxes, I got sick of my boxes laying around everywhere in my house, so I needed to find a way of doing something with them. I have been looking around the internet for DIY inspiration, and I have made some few adjustments and made my own organizer out of it.


Things you need:

  1. Four (4) (WonderBox) Boxes
  2. UHU Glue
  3. Electrical PVC tape
  4. Scissors/Blade
  5. Ribbons that came with your WonderBox


Since we have four (4) boxes, what we need to do is take two (2)  top part of the Wonderbox and cut them like I did in the above picture. As you can see, both top parts are cut, while one is cut on the left and right side. This is going the placed on the sides, when constructing the frame of the organizer.

Now, the other remaining two (2) you just cut one side, follow the picture above. This is going to be the bottom and the top part of the frame.


What we are going to do now is, to construct the frame of the organizer. See how I did it in the picture, and you can glue them together.  But make sure you don’t glue the top part of the frame yet, since we want to measure whether the drawers fit. The part that you have cut,is your front part of the organizer. Make sure you put pressure on the glue, because you don’t want it to turn out flimsy.

Now, we are going to prepare the drawers. Have your ribbons ready. I suggest to use a blade for this.

As you can see in the picture above, I have cut some ribbon, and made a hole inside the drawers, make sure u make a hole in the middle. Do glue the ribbon at the back of the drawer. Do that with the other three (3) remaining drawers.


So what you do now, take all the drawers and place them inside the frame. Now what you got to do, is take the top part and place it on top of the drawers, and glue them together. Why we glued it as last, is because the drawers are taller than the actual frame. You have to make sure that you put pressure on the glue, and wait till dry.


Once the glue has dried, this is how it suppose to look like. I know it looks flimsy, but that’s why we are going to cover that up with black electrical tape.


Take the drawers out. Now, take the black tape and cover the rough edges that you cut out. I like it this color combination, because the black electrical tape matches the Wonderbox’s logo and theme.


This is how it suppose to look like, you can stick the electrical tape all around the frame edges.


So now we put back the drawers in the frame, and I cut the ribbon handle in a triangle, so it looks nicer. Now we are done with our organizer.


Now we can organize our make up, you can place the organizer on your vanity desk or shelves. Use your creativity, and you can design it the way you want it to be.

How do you store your make-up? Or how do you organizer your stuff ? Did you make one?

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas and share it with us.

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