La Senza Beyond Sexy Party 27th April 2013

Hey Beautiful !

Last weekend, I attended the La Senza Beyond Sexy Launch Party. They were launching their new lingerie line called “Beyond Sexy” at One Utama shop.

The launch was flirty, sexy and sassy, with free cocktails, popcorn and Humble Beginnings Mile crepe, photobooth to strike your sassy pose. I loved their candy buffet, simply because I love candy, haha..

They had a promo during the launch, when you spend minimum RM400, you’ll get 40% discount, and if you’re a La Senza member you’ll get another 10% discount. How great is that ?!

The “Beyond Sexy” were mostly push-up bra’s, it might be bit too much for the one’ that is more busty. Their designs are striking neon colors, and some are toned down, it has something for everyone. Their bra’s price range are about RM179. It is more pricier than their “Show Off” bra’s that retails at RM109.

Below are pictures taken during launch, the models are wearing the “Beyond Cleavage” collection.




The amazing thing about this launch was their GOODIEBAGS !! Who doesn’t love goodiesbags..
The first 150 to attend received a goodiebag, which was a notebook, tumbler, pen, mousepad, Laura Mercier voucher, Strip voucher and Humble Beginnings Millecrepe voucher.

Below is a picture what I got in my Goodiebag..
lasenza goodiebag


Me and my friend Tanya striking our Sassy Pose !

Currently, La Senza having a promo on their new “Beyond Sexy” collection buy 1, and get the 2nd for 50% off..

So go to their stores now, before your sizes run out..

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