Ecotools Bamboo 6-Piece Eyebrush set

Hi Beautiful!

Today I’m going to review my Ecotools Bamboo 6-Piece Eyebrush Set. I got mine from Zalora, like  last year after Raya (this is where I spend my Raya money, hehe). It was retailing at RM70, but I used a RM30 voucher, so I only got it for RM40 including shipping. If i’m not mistaken, Ecotools is sold by Shins in Malaysia, because Zalora doesn’t sell this anymore.

I like the fact it’s earth friendly, and the handles are made from Bamboo. Besides that, it’s 100% cruelty-free,  they used recycled aluminium ferrules, natural cotton and hemp travel case and it came with a recyclable storage pouch. The brushes are travel size, they’re easy to bring along with you. Basically, I’m using this most of my time and even when I travel.


In this picture above, you can see how it looks like when it’s taken out from the recycled pouch. It came with a Cotton/Hemp pouch and five (5) brushes, 1) Large Shader Brush, 2)  Angled Blending Brush, 3 ) Highlighting Brush, 4 ) Petite Eye Brush, 5) Smudge Brush. It is made from soft taklon bristles, so the brushes are synthetic and vegans can use this.


In the picture above, you can see the brushes from a close up. Every Brush has their function written on the handle, but that doesn’t mean you gotta follow it. Myself, I don’t follow it and I use it how I feel comfortable with it.

Ecotools Blending Brush

Large Shader Brush – On the handle it says it’s a Blending brush, the description says it can be used to apply and blend shadows. However, I don’t use it that way. I use this brush to highlight my brow-bows  and I use this to dab color in the middle of my eyelid, to give an extra pop.


Angled Crease Brush – The description says it’s used to apply shadow into your crease for definition. Personally, I don’t use this for my crease, because it’s too big. However, I use this to apply shadow on my outer corner of my eye.

Ecotools Highlight Brush

Highlighting Brush – The description says that it’s perfect for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. However I don’t use this as my highlighter brush. I use this for applying shadow into my crease and use it as a blending brush to create definition.

ecotools shader brush

Petite Shading Brush – The description says it can be used for deeper or accent colors for a bold look. Personally, I don’t use this brush at all ! I think it’s kinda useless, it’s just too small. Maybe, you can use it for more detailed eye make-up.

Ecotools smudge brush

Smudge Brush – It smudges shadows and liner along the lash line for a smoky look. Personally, I do use this as a smudge brush and I use this for my inner corner of my eyes as well.

What’s My Take ?

Overall, I do like that it comes in a travel sized pouch and I can bring it along with me. Other than that, I love the fact that it’s cruelty free and that they preserve the earth. The brushes are made from high quality taklon bristles, and it hasn’t shed or bled when I used it. Even after washing, it’s still in a good condition and it dries up fast. My favorite brush in this set would be, the highlight brush, large eye shadow brush and smudge brush. If I lose this brush set, I probably won’t re-purchase it again, but would probably buy my favorite brushes individually.

Overall Ratings:



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