Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Eyeshadow

Hey Beautiful !

Today I’ll be reviewing the long awaited Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Eyeshadow in “Tenacious Teal” and “Audacious Asphalt”. 

I have waited for so long, for it to arrive the Malaysian shore, I am so happy it did. Too bad it only came in eight (8) colors. I hope they bring in the “Metal Edition” and the “Limited Edition” soon.

You can find it at all Pharmacies in Malaysia, including Watson’s and Guardian. I got mine at Caring’s Pharmacy Pavilion  retailed at RM19.90 each. The colors I picked up are “Tenacious Teal’ and “Audacious Asphalt”.

They are comparable and a cheaper alternative of the MAC paint pot  that retails at RM72 and Make-Up Forever Cream Eyeshadow that retails at RM100.



Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR – “Audacious Asphalt”

It is a cream texture eye-shadow. It glides easy, but you need to apply it for a few times, to make it more pigmented. It dries up very fast, but not as fast as the MAC Paint Pot and Make-Up Forever Cream Shadow. By the price you can already tell, which texture would be better.

The color is metallic grey and it has a bit of big sparkles in it, I preferred it if the sparkles was smaller and more fine. This color is suitable for smokey eyes and if you want to have an edgy look.


The picture above, this is how it looks like on my eyes. I have used my finger to apply the cream shadow, however I didn’t use a primer. The best way of applying this shadow is using a flat synthetic brush. I  worn this with a primer before, and it lasted so much longer than without the primer, therefore my suggestion is if you want it to last longer, use a primer. It didn’t crease from morning till late night.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR – “Tenacious Teal”

The texture is same as “Audacious Asphalt”, however you do need to apply a few times for more pigmented results. Even this one has a bit of sparkles in it.

The color is very pretty, it is one of my faves in the collection. It’s a  turquoise color, with a bit of sparkles. The new spring trend for make-up is turquoise, so I’ll be wearing this more often than “Audacious Asphalt”. It gives a pop of color on my face, suitable if you want to make a color statement.


In the picture above, I used my finger to apply the shadow, however using a flat synthetic brush would be better for a neater application. I didn’t use a primer here, yet it will last longer when using a primer.


As I mentioned earlier, The Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR are comparable with The MAC Paint Pot and Make-Up Forever Cream Eyeshadow.

In the picture above, I did a swatch of Make-Up Forever(MUFE) Cream Eyeshadow in the shade “21- Turquoise” and Maybelline in “Tenacious Teal” side by side. The MUFE creamshadow, it has a whipped texture, and application is more smoother than Maybelline’s Color Tattoo, and one (1) application is enough. MUFE has a film finish, while Maybelline is more matte.

So, I can say that Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR in “Tenacious Teal” is a dupe of MUFE Creamshadow in “21- Turquoise”, the color is similar, however differences are Maybelline has more sparkles and matte finish. Maybelline retails at RM19.90 at any pharmacy, as for MUFE it retails at RM100 at Sephora, that’s five(5) times more than Maybelline’s.

What’s my take ?

Overall, I love the Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24HR. It’s is affordable, easy to use and versatile. You can use the creamshadow as a Gel liner as well. Be creative, I am sure you can do alot of funky looks with it. Too bad it only comes in eight (8) colors, hopefully they bring in more colors soon.

When it finishes, I would definitely repurchase this.

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