Naked Palette Urban Decay Review and Swatches – A must have ?

Hey Beautiful !

Today, I am going to review, swatch and show some make-up looks with the famous Naked Palette from Urban Decay. A have this palette for two (2) years already, yeah that’s pretty long hahaha, but never too late to have it.

I was always looking at Make-Up tutorials on Youtube, and beauty guru’s always have the Naked Palette in their collection, therefore I needed one too, I MUST HAVE I said. Too bad they didn’t sell it in Malaysia during that time. So I wanted to get it from Sephora Holland instead, since my sister was there. But then, I saw this weird looking building under construction in Bukit Bintang and the sign said “SEPHORA”. I was soo happy that they finally bringing in Sephora to Malaysia, it was about time.

When it first opened, the Naked Palette was selling off fast, every time I go there it’s out of stock, so I gave my number when the next stock is coming. They called me after awhile, saying it’s back in stock, so I rushed to Sephora and finally bought myself the ultimate and the along waited Naked Palette. It was like a dream come true for me hahaha.


The Naked Palette comes in twelve (12) shades, Karma brush and a Primer Potion, which I finished already, sorry that I could’t include in my pictures. As I mentioned, I got mine from Sephora for RM175 during that time. If I’m not mistaken, they have increased the price to RM180 ( correct me if I’m wrong).

Each color has 1.3 grams of product, it’s a mix of shimmer and matte shadows. The colors are neutral, therefore perfect for natural look. The colors are, Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep and Gunmetal.


In the picture above, are the swatches of;

  • Virgin – it is an off white pearly color, perfect for highlight under your brow-bone. The shadow glides on smoothly and it’s pigmented.
  •  Sin – It’s a champagne color, very pretty. perfect for highlight under your brow-bone and your eyelid. The shadow glides on smoothly and it’s pigmented.
  • Naked – The name says it all, the color is matte light brown. When applied on your lid, you barely see it. Few application is needed when you want the color to pop.
  • Sidecar – The color is metallic light brown, it’s pretty shimmery. Perfect for your eyelid, or use a bit in the middle of your eyeball when you have a darker color on your entire lid, for a pop. The application is very smooth and pigmented.
  • Buck – It’s a brown matte color. It’s perfect for using it in your crease to create depth on your lids. Few application is needed.


In the picture above, are the swatches of;

  • Half Baked – It’s a shimmery gold color, very pretty and pigmented. It can be used on your entire eyelid or just in the middle of your eyelid to give the extra pop on darker color eye-shadow look.
  • Smog – It’s a shimmery brown color, very pigmented. It can be used in your crease and entire eyelid. The application is very smooth.
  • Darkhorse – It’s a shimmery darkbrown color. It is nice when you want to create a bronze look or a smokey eye look. Application is smooth.
  • Toasted – It’s a shimmery mauve taupe color. Very pretty, this color can be used on your entire eyelid, or in your crease to create a soft smokey eyelook.
  • Hustle – It’s a shimmery dark mauve color. I like this color when I want to do soft smokey eye-look.


In the picture above, are the swatches of:

  • Creep – It’s dark grey/blueish color with a hint of blue shimmer. It’s pretty for smokey eye, it doesn’t look harsh as the color black. Few application needed, when you want to make the color pop.
  • Gunmetal – It’s a light greyish/blueish shimmery color. Very pretty on your eyelids for a smokey look. The color is very pigmented and smooth to apply.

Looks created with the “Naked Palette”


Naked Nude Look

Colors used;

Lid : Naked

Middle of the lid: Sidecar

Crease: Buck

Browbone : Virgin

Inner corner of the eye: Sin

Under the waterline: Buck ahd Sin


Naked Bronze Look

Colors used;

Lid : Half Baked

Crease: Darkhorse and Smog

Browbone : Virgin

Inner corner of the eye: Sin

Outer corner of the eye : Darkhorse

Under the waterline: Darkhors and Half Baked


Naked Smokey Look

Colors used;

Lid : Gunmetal

Middle of the lid: Hustle

Crease: Creep and Toasted

Browbone : Virgin

Inner corner of the eye: Sin

Outer corner of the eye : Creep

Under the waterline: Creep and Toasted

What’s my take on the “Naked Palette” ?

I totally love it ! Most of my time, I use this palette to create eye make-up look, whenever I go out or for events. I am basically into earth colors, when it comes to my every day look. So if you ask me whether it’s a MUST HAVE, I would say YES. It’s something that I would repurchase when it’s finished.



What do you think gorgeous ?


8 thoughts on “Naked Palette Urban Decay Review and Swatches – A must have ?

    • You should get one, its a must have whoever loves make-up.
      hahaha, dark circle eyes look, maybe you should watch youtube videos on how to apply eyeshadow, that’s what I did back then. It helped me alot applying eye make-up.

  1. I too don’t own one but I have something that has a lot of earth tone to darker tone its MUA heaven&earth.. I really wanted the naked pallate just for the sake of having one. But I don’t use much of the colours .. Haish.. Wish I knew hooow..hahaha

  2. The Smokey eye look looks great on you 🙂 I’ve been thinking about getting this for ages, I really love the look of half breed and smog.

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