100% Pure helped with my allergic skin

Hi beautiful,

Today  I would like to review 100% pure brand, and how it improved my skin.

I have a really sensitive skin, and I always get rashes if I don’t use the right product , especially when the products has alot of chemicals in it. Other than that, I also get allergies because of the food I eat and I am allergic to it.

On top of that, I went to Europe for my wedding in April 2014, and my skin has gotten worst ! My skin became soo dry, itchy and my skin was cracked !

I am glad that I got introduced to 100% pure, because it is  natural and organic and it doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals, artificial chemicals, petro chemicals, chemical preservatives and any other toxins. The brand itself comes from USA and now they’re selling in Malaysia on their website.

Before, I started 100% Pure, I had a bad allergy from a product that I have used in the past and it was recovering very slowly. Luckily, 100% Pure came into the picture and it recovered my skin.


The products that I am going to review are;

  1. 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set (RM179.00)
    • 100% Purity Spot Treatment (20 ml)
    • 100% Purity Cleanser+ Mask (29 ml)
    • 100% Purity Hydrating Tonique (59 ml)
    • 100% Facial Brush
  2. 100% Pure Mint White Tea Moisturizer (RM129.00)(20 ml)
  3. 100% Pure Brightening Night Balm (RM149.00)(34 g)
  4. 100% Organic Aqua Boost (RM119.00)(50 ml)


1. 100% Pure Purity Skin Care Gift Set (RM179.00)

The giftset comes with 4 items;

  • 100% Purity Spot Treatment (20 ml)
  • 100% Purity Cleanser+ Mask (29 ml)
  • 100% Purity Hydrating Tonique (59 ml)
  • 100% Facial Brush

It is great for trials, when you try the brand for the first time to see whether it suits your skin. It is also great for gifts, since it comes in a very nice packaging. This giftsets is for people who have acne prone skin, it will give you a clear complexion and to protect against future break out. Their ingredients are detoxifying, which eliminates the acne causing bacteria while nourishing seaweeds and purifying herbs protects against future breakouts.

100% Pure Cleanser + Mask  and Face Cleaning Brush

I actually have the larger version of the cleanser, the great thing about this cleanser is you can use it as a mask as well. I have used as a mask and apply it on my face and let it dry for 5 minutes and then rinse off. My face felt less oily during the day.

How I used the brush, is only during night time, because I think the brush is a bit harsh for me, since my skin was in a very delicate condition. I like how the brush cleans my make-up completely, and can actually see from the foam that it’s really cleansing.

See the image below on how I use the Cleanser with the brush. If I dont use the brush, the cleanser isn’t that foamy when I wash my face, I prefer using it with the brush. The cleanser feels fresh after I wash my face, it has this minty feeling to it.


100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique (59 ml)

After I have washed my face with the cleanser, I used the 100% Pure Purity Hydrating Tonique. Shown in the below image, I find the bottle very cute and it comes in a spray bottle. I sprayed on the cotton pad and wipe my face with it. My face felt more clean, and hydrated. The smell of the toner might be overwhelming, but I love the smell it reminds of liquorice.


100% Pure Purity Spot Treatment (20 ml)

I use this 100% Pure Purity Spot Treatment for my pimples. I do not use this on my whole face, just on my pimple. I love this packaging because it’s cute and it has a pump. The texture of the cream is pretty thick, and it won’t absorb into your skin that easy if you were to put in on your whole face.

How I used the cream, is to pump the cream (1 pump was enough for me) and apply on my pimple before I go to sleep. After 2 days putting on my pimple, I can see that my pimple has dried out and gone down.

This spot treatment is great if you have a pimple emergency like me hehehe..TOTALLY MUST HAVE !



2. 100% Pure Mint White Tea Moisturizer (RM129.00)(20 ml)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this 100% Pure Mint White Tea Moisterizer. The only problem is the packaging, when your moisturizer is almost finished you have to open the pump so you can press out more product.

The texture of the moisturizer is pretty sticky when you apply on your face, like it absorbs in your skin straight away and your fingers get stuck on your face (I hope you get me what I am tryna say..) Basically, the moisterizer is non-oily and it dries up very quickly. My face doesn’t get oily with this moisterizer, and my make-up stays put and doesn’t slide with this moisterizer. This is why I love this moisterizer so much !

I use this during the morning and night after my toner, and I just use 1-2 pumps for it.



3. 100% Pure Brightening Night Balm (RM149.00)(34 g)

I was recovering very slow from my allergies and rashes, so 100% Pure sent me Brightening Night Balm. Apparently, this is one of their best selling product.

The product is like a balm texture or like butter, that melts on your skin. The balm smells like lemons, and it smells soo YUM!

I use this because, my allergies and rashes has become so dry and I really needed a thick moisterizer for night time. This is great for me, but for some might be too thick for the Malaysian weather. In the image below, you can see the balm and how it melts on your skin.

When I was in Europe, my skin was UBER dry and I used this during the day as well, because it’s thick and good for cold weathers. So I used for Day and Night..

The next day my skin looks oily on my T-zone, after I wash my face it becomes very soft. This balm is great when you have dry skin or your travelling to a cold country.



4. 100% Organic Aqua Boost (RM119.00)(50 ml)

When my skin was recovering slowly, to speed up the process 100% Pure sent me 100% Organic Aqua Boost. When I smelled this hydrating mist, I felt like drinking it. This mist contains 100% juice, with no added water!

When I tried this the first time after I have washed my face and sprayed on it, my face felt soo hydrated and plump. I use this everyday, and my skin got way much better and it became less dry.

Until, when I went to Europe my skin has gotten so bad it went back to square one. Luckily, I brought my 100% pure with me. When I sprayed this on my face in Europe, it burns like hell! Apparenly this burning sensation is normal when your skin is dehydrated.



Before and After

Below is my Before and After picture. Look how bad my skin was before, it was so dry and painful. In my After picture my skin looks way much better and not dry anymore. This picture is not edited in any way, and both of the pictures is taken with my Note 2. The Before picture was my skin last year, and the After is my current skin condition.



What’s My Take ?

I honestly love 100% Pure, because it’s all natural and organic. I know that I don’t have to worry for allergic reactions on their products, because it doesn’t contain chemicals.

This brand is great for people who have sensitive skin like me and whoever wants to improve their skin condition. Price wise, it might be high for some but most brands that are natural and organic are expensive anyways.

I would re-purchase the Mint White Tea Moisturizer, Organic Aquaboost and the Brightening Night Balm.


If you would like to purchase their products or find more information about their products and brand. You can visit their website www.100percentpure.com.my



*This product has been sent to me for review purposes, however thoughts and opinions are my own